Peace Through Justice Project


Transitional justice is a core element of the peace process in Nepal and forms part of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement which provides for the creation of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and reaffirms the commitments towards the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry on Disappearances (CoI-D) as provided for in the Agreement of 8 November 2006 between the then Seven Political Parties and the CPN-M. These commissions are a concrete and formal acknowledgement that the legacy of the conflict needs to be addressed as part of the peace process including processes to establish truth, justice and reparations.

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal (OHCHR-Nepal) has been implementing ‘Peace through Justice’ project in order to support the transitional justice mechanisms and processes in Nepal. The United Nations Peace Fund for Nepal (UNPFN) is financially supporting the project. The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the peace process on the basis of respect for the rule of law and human rights including by dealing with human rights and international humanitarian law violations connected to the conflict.

Key outputs of the project include:

  1. Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction (MoPR) conducting effective preparations for the creation of the Commissions and providing necessary support in the on-going work of the Commissions;
  1. Transitional justice Commissions working effectively and in accordance with international human rights standards;
  1. Mapping document/s with research and analysis on conflict related international human rights and humanitarian law violations; and
  1. Civil society and National Institutions are supporting the work of the Commissions
Support to the MoPR
Support to the Commissions


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