Press Releases

+ YEAR 2011

10/11/2011 UN concerned over recent Govt. decisions to appoint, pardon and promote alleged perpetrators of human rights violations Eng Nep
15/09/2011 Joint Media Advisory: The President to inaugurate a 100 Day Campaign of the NDC and OHCHR to “END CASTE DISCRIMINATION AND UNTOUCHABILITY” Eng Nep
13/09/2011 Transitional Justice Process must comply with International Law Eng Nep
06/09/2011 End the Haliya system in Nepal say the NHRC, NDC, NWC and UN Eng Nep
29/08/2011 Enact law on enforced disappearances: NHRC, OHCHR Eng Nep
23/08/2011 Protect rights by upholding rule of law: UN Eng Nep
14/06/2011 Victims’ voices for truth and justice merit a response: UN Human Rights Office Eng Nep
09/06/2011 UN Human Rights Office in Nepal condemns attack on journalists Eng Nep
25/05/2011 NDC and OHCHR welcome the new law on Caste-based Discrimination and Untouchability Eng Nep
05/05/2011 UN concerned over appointment of Cabinet Minister alleged to have committed human rights violations Eng Nep
03/05/2011 Nepal Celebrates World Press Freedom Day on 3 May OHCHR, UNESCO and UNRC: “All principles of freedom of expression must be brought to the on-line world” Eng Nep
15/04/2011 UN Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Ms. Kyung-wha Kang to visit Nepal, 18-20 April Eng Nep
05/04/2011 Conflict victims from 15 districts meet in Nepalgunj to examine the two draft bills to establish transitional justice mechanisms Eng Nep
29/03/2011 The relationship between Transitional Justice mechanisms and the
Criminal Justice system
Eng Nep
24/03/2011 Nepal’s human rights situation reviewed by the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva Eng Nep
24/03/2011 Statement by the High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay on the International Day for the Right to the Truth concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims Eng Nep
20/03/2011 The NDC and OHCHR call upon the Government to fulfil its commitment to end all forms of discrimination Eng Nep
07/02/2011 OHCHR welcomes Human Rights Commitment in Geneva and encourages continued efforts by Government towards implementation of recommendations Eng Nep
24/01/2011 NHRC and OHCHR recommended the prompt adoption of NHRC Bill, in full conformity with Paris Principles Eng Nep

+ YEAR 2010

17/12/2010 OHCHR urges the prompt establishment of a witness and victim protection mechanism in Nepal Eng Nep
08/12/2010 NDC-OHCHR-Nepal launch observation on the Untouchability Bill We are concerned over the process of drafting and submission of the Bill: NDC, OHCHR-Nepal Eng Nep
23/11/2010 NDC, NWC, and OHCHR urge the government to ensure access to justice to victims of caste based discrimination and gender based violence Eng Nep
21/11/2010 Fourth Anniversary of the CPA: Non-implementation of human rights commitments jeopardizes peace process: NHRC, OHCHR Eng Nep
22/10/2010 UN Human Rights Office raises serious concerns with the term extension of Colonel Raju Basnet Eng Nep
03/10/2010 Civil Society of Karnali to establish a network on Monitoring of ESCR Eng Nep
23/09/2010 UN releases Summary of Concerns and suggests recommendations to address Extra Judicial Killings Eng Nep
19/09/2010 UN congratulates NHRC’s initiative on exhumation of suspected
burial site in Dhanusha
Eng Nep
16/09/2010 Respect Court Order on equal rights to sexual minorities: OHCHR Eng Nep
05/09/2010 Ensure timely implementation of agreement with the freed Haliyas: National Dalit Commission, ILO and OHCHR Eng Nep
29/08/2010 Seeking the truth about disappearance lies at the heart of the peace process Eng Nep
26/08/2010 UN concerned about reports of threats and intimidation of journalists Eng Nep
05/08/2010 Richard Bennett bids farewell and discusses human rights with the Prime Minister Eng Nep

Government assurances to NDC and OHCHR to implement court verdicts on caste-based discrimination

Eng Nep

OHCHR Nepal Chief urges Maoists to respect rights of lawyers and other human rights defenders

Eng Nep
07/05/2010 OHCHR concerned about current human rights situation in the context of the ongoing bandh and political stalemate Eng Nep
05/05/2010 Joint Statement By UNICEF and the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights: “Protect the Rights of Children” Eng Nep
02/05/2010 UN expresses concern about effects of extended strike Eng Nep
02/05/2010 UN Human Rights urges arrest of accused in killing of journalist Birendra Sah Eng Nep
01/05/2010 UN Human Rights Office observes peaceful protests across Nepal on 1 May Eng Nep
29/04/2010 United Nations calls for restraint during upcoming protests Eng Nep
18/04/2010 OHCHR saddened by demise of activist Jay Kishore Labh Eng Nep
25/03/2010 United Nations concerned with the death of three females including a child in Bardiya Eng Nep
21/03/2010 NDC, NHRC and OHCHR welcome verdict on caste-based discrimination and urge swift implementation Eng Nep
02/03/2010 OHCHR-Nepal deplores the killing of media group chairperson Arun Singhanyia Eng Nep
17/02/2010 OHCHR Urges government to show commitment to ending impunity by enforcing arrest warrants in Maina Sunuwar case Eng Nep
15/02/2010 OHCHR condemns threats to editors and publishers Eng Nep
02/02/2010 OHCHR-Nepal Representative meets with the new Chairperson and Members of the National Dalit Commission Eng Nep

+ YEAR 2009

28/12/2009 OHCHR welcomes ratification of the Convention on the
Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Eng Nep
24/12/2009 Promotion of General Toran Jung Bahadur Singh concerns OHCHR Eng Nep
20/12/2009 OHCHR-Nepal Urges Restraint Eng Nep
09/12/2009 Ambassadors and Heads of Mission visit Bardiya to support victims  of conflict related disappearances  Eng Nep
08/12/2009 OHCHR launches non-discrimination campaign Eng Nep
07/12/2009 OHCHR cautions the Government and UCPN-M to exercise restraint in Kailali Eng Nep
02/12/2009 OHCHR concerned about promotion of suspected killer of journalist Birendra Sah Eng Nep
02/12/2009 OHCHR urges for ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Eng Nep
25/11/2009 Office of the Prime Minister and OHCHR jointly launch media campaign to raise awareness on violence against women Eng Nep
16/11/2009 UN human rights chief encourages South Asian judges to further open up justice to all Eng Nep
03/11/2009 OHCHR-Nepal calls on the UCPN-M and the Government to respect human rights Eng Nep
14/10/2009 OHCHR and ILO conclude workshop on the rights of indigenous peoples Eng Nep
25/09/2009 OHCHR calls for accountability for Maoist abuses Eng Nep
25/09/2009 Letter to UCPN-M Chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal Eng Nep
20/09/2009 OHCHR releases letter to PM calling for action on Maharajgunj violations Eng Nep
20/09/2009 Letter to the PM - 26 July 2009 Eng Nep
17/09/2009 OHCHR urges Government to address Kapilvastu violence two years on Eng Nep
13/09/2009 OHCHR welcomes Prime Minister's assurance on concrete steps to end impunity Eng Nep
01/09/2009 OHCHR to begin human rights monitoring by bicycle Eng Nep
28/08/2009 OHCHR calls for comprehensive human rights vetting as part of peace process Eng Nep
26/08/2009 OHCHR releases FAQ on discrimination, and ESCR Eng Nep
10/08/2009 OHCHR-Nepal and the National Women's Commission identify further collaboration activities Eng Nep
10/08/2009 UN Expert Releases Report on Nepal’s Indigenous Peoples Eng Nep
23/07/2009 The High Commissioner accepts extension Eng Nep
18/07/2009 The United Nations launches a “Peace through Justice” project Eng Nep
06/07/2009 OHCHR expresses concern over recommended promotion of Major General Eng Nep
17/06/2009 Briefing with the media on OHCHR-Nepal’s Agreement with the Government of Nepal, 17 June 2009 Eng Nep
11/06/2009 OHCHR-Nepal restructuring continues with closure of Western Regional Office Eng Nep
11/06/2009 OHCHR-Nepal appeals to political actors to respect spirit of the peace process Eng Nep
03/06/2009 United Nations in Nepal concerned about bandhs Eng Nep
31/05/2009 Anniversary of Supreme Court decision a timely reminder of need to promptly establish Disappearances Commission Eng Nep
25/05/2009 United Nations in Nepal welcomes steps to investigate Church bombing Eng Nep
25/05/2009 Urgent need for focus on agriculture: UN expert on food rights Eng Nep
19/05/2009 OHCHR-Nepal welcomes judicial reform of the Supreme Court Eng Nep
03/05/2009 OHCHR-Nepal urges all to react peacefully to political developments Eng Nep
25/04/2009 OHCHR-Nepal encourages disappearance law consistent with international standards Eng Nep
10/04/2009 OHCHR and human rights organisations of Kapilvastu organise Human Rights Week Eng Nep
16/03/2009 High Commissioner for Human Rights visiting Nepal Eng Nep
08/03/2009 Live radio broadcast highlights the work and challenges of women journalists and human rights defenders in the central Terai Eng Nep
06/03/2009 OHCHR-Nepal calls for an end to violence by all sides in Chitwan protests Eng Nep
16/02/2009 Impunity remains major obstacle to the peace process five years after killing of Maina Sunuwar Eng Nep
05/02/2009 OHCHR-Nepal calls for swift implementation of Supreme Court ruling on Dhanusha disappearance Eng Nep
22/01/2009 Victim and others at risk after conviction of two persons in domestic violence case in Nepalgunj Eng Nep
12/01/2009 OHCHR-Nepal condemns killing of woman journalist Uma Singh Eng Nep
07/01/2009 OHCHR-Nepal encourages government to take steps to end Kamalari practices and undertake search for missing girls and women Eng Nep

+ YEAR 2008

29/12/2008 OHCHR-Nepal urges Home Minister to ensure accountability for killing of Ram Hari Shrestha Eng Nep
19/12/2008 OHCHR-Nepal condemns attack at Himal Media Eng Nep
19/12/2008 OHCHR’s report on conflict-related disappearances in Bardiya, a further step in strengthening the peace process Eng Nep
10/12/2008 OHCHR-Nepal, NHRC launch poster to mark Human Rights Day Eng Nep
02/12/2008 UN expert urges action on Nepal’s commitment to indigenous rights Eng Nep
28/11/2008 UN Human Rights Committee finds Nepal in violation of its obligations in enforced disappearance case Eng Nep
24/11/2008 Combating impunity vital in effort to eliminate violence against women, says UN human rights chief Eng Nep
21/11/2008 Special Rapporteur on indigenous people visiting Nepal Eng Nep
21/10/2008 OHCHR-Nepal informs journalists about human rights and the Constituent Assembly Eng Nep
20/10/2008 OHCHR-Nepal and NHRC conduct joint workshop on transitional justice with NGOs representing marginalised groups in the Far-Western Region Eng Nep
03/10/2008 OHCHR-Nepal and World Food Programme welcome Supreme Court’s order to ensure food supply Eng Nep
17/09/2008 NHRC and OHCHR urge Government to ensure that the rights of Kapilvastu victims are respected Eng Nep
11/09/2008 OHCHR welcomes the agreement between the Government of Nepal and the Haliyas Eng Nep
08/09/2008 OHCHR-Nepal hosts discussion on enforced disappearances Eng Nep
12/08/2008 OHCHR-Nepal opens doors to neighbours, students Eng Nep
08/08/2008 OHCHR Statement on International Day of the World's Indigenous People, 9 August Eng Nep
30/07/2008 OHCHR-Nepal calls for end to threats against media in Parsa district Eng Nep
10/07/2008 OHCHR-Nepal trains journalists in Eastern Region on human rights Eng Nep
08/07/2008 OHCHR-Nepal welcomes release of PSA detainees Eng Nep
26/06/2008 Comprehensive effort needed to stop torture and ill-treatment in Nepal Eng Nep
24/06/2008 OHCHR-Nepal hands over materials to Tribhuvan University Library Eng Nep
24/06/2008 Security Council resolution stresses the importance of ending impunity for crimes of sexual violence during conflict Eng Nep
18/06/2008 Investigation into the violent incidents in Kapilvastu, Rupandehi and Dang districts of 16-21 September 2007 Eng Nep
30/05/2008 OHCHR-Nepal investigating possible excessive use of force in Dhangadhi killings Eng Nep
22/05/2008 OHCHR-Nepal urges parties to re-commit to human rights during critical phase of peace process Eng Nep
15/05/2008 New UN Convention guarantees rights for persons with disabilities Eng Nep
03/05/2008 Arbour says harrassment and secrecy laws undermine press freedom Eng Nep
22/04/2008 OHCHR-Nepal Representative discusses human rights with Chairman Prachanda Eng Nep
16/04/2008 OHCHR-Nepal welcomes Jyoti Sanghera as Deputy Representative Eng Nep
11/04/2008 Arbour welcomes Nepal’s Constituent Assembly elections Eng Nep
09/04/2008 OHCHR-Nepal investigating Dang, Surkhet killings; urges calm Eng Nep
08/04/2008 All must respect human rights on Election Day – OHCHR-Nepal Eng Nep
02/04/2008 Respect for human rights crucial for CA election success Eng Nep
30/03/2008 OHCHR-Nepal condemns bombing of mosque in Biratnagar Eng Nep
27/03/2008 OHCHR-Nepal offers assistance to strengthen respect for human rights in public security institutions following February’s Terai protests Eng Nep
24/03/2008 Mass arrests in Kathmandu violate rights to peaceful protests Eng Nep
21/03/2008 Mass arrests in Kathmandu violate right to freedom from arbitrary detention – OHCHR-Nepal Eng Nep
20/03/2008 Banke killing restricts the freedom of all to participate in CA elections – OHCHR-Nepal Eng Nep
19/03/2008 Ujyalo national network begins airing OHCHR-Nepal radio dramas about human rights in CA elections Eng Nep
17/03/2008 OHCHR-Nepal urges the Government to respect the rights to assembly and expression Eng Nep
14/03/2008 OHCHR-Nepal calls on political actors to ensure respect for human rights in CA elections Eng Nep
07/03/2008 OHCHR-Nepal Representative urges end to 35-day limit for filing rape charges, to mark International Women’s Day Eng Nep
03/03/2008 Further progress essential for durable peace, says High Commissioner’s annual report to Human Rights Council Eng Nep
22/02/2008 Keep children free from harm Eng Nep
20/02/2008 OHCHR-Nepal calls for an end to violence by all sides in Terai protests Eng Nep
17/02/2008 Failure to prosecute killers of Maina Sunuwar perpetuates culture of impunity Eng Nep
  Talking Points: Richard Bennett, OHCHR-Nepal Representative Eng Nep
01/02/2008 Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights visits Kapilvastu to assess responses to September 2007 violence Eng Nep
31/01/2008 Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Kyung-wha Kang visits Nepalgunj Eng Nep
29/01/2008 OHCHR-Nepal reiterates its call for non-violent demonstrations and political rallies Eng Nep
29/01/2008 Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Kyung-wha Kang visiting Nepal Eng Nep
25/01/2008 OHCHR-Nepal reiterates its call for non-violent demonstrations and political rallies Eng Nep
19/01/2008 OHCHR-Nepal condemns bus bombing in Bara District; urges non-violent demonstrations and political rallies Eng Nep
17/01/2008 OHCHR-Nepal hands over human rights pocketbook to Nepal Police Eng Nep
04/01/2008 Public consultations on TRC Bill must not be cut short – OHCHR-Nepal Eng Nep

+ YEAR 2007

27/12/2007 OHCHR-Nepal welcomes Supreme Court decision on sexual minorities Eng Nep
24/12/2007 OHCHR reiterates its call for the Government to protect suspected burial sites of victims of disappearance Eng Nep
19/12/2007 Government must protect possible burial sites of victims of disappearances Eng Nep
17/12/2007 OHCHR notes positive steps taken to prevent violence in Gaur Eng Nep
14/12/2007 OHCHR's concerned about rising tension in Gaur Eng Nep
12/12/2007 Restore human rights to the heart of the peace process, says OHCHR Eng Nep
10/12/2007 UN Experts mark international Human Rights Day with call for States to intensify efforts to combat discrimination and exclusion Eng Nep
26/11/2007 OHCHR-Nepal hosts discussion on ending impunity for sexual violence Eng Nep
22/11/2007 OHCHR urges CPN-M to cooperate with reintegration of minors associated with armed forces and armed groups Eng Nep
06/11/2007 OHCHR condemns murder of journalist Birendra Sah Eng Nep
22/10/2007 Police quotas for women, marginalized groups an important first step - OHCHR Eng Nep
15/10/2007 OHCHR Representative raises human rights concerns with CPN-M leaders Eng Nep
21/09/2007 OHCHR-Nepal chief briefs media on human rights priorities Eng Nep
19/09/2007 OHCHR-Nepal Representative visits sites of violence in Kapilvastu Eng Nep
18/09/2007 NHRC appointments an important development – OHCHR-Nepal Eng Nep
17/09/2007 OHCHR-Nepal condemns killings, urges calm in Kapilvastu, Rupandehi Eng Nep
06/09/2007 Welcoming Remarks by Richard Bennett, Representative of the OHCHR in Nepal, delivered at the Seminar, The Domestication of the UN Convention against Torture and Its Optional Protocol, Hotel de l’Annapurna, Kathmandu Eng Nep
04/09/2007 New Representative of OHCHR-Nepal Takes up Post in Kathmandu Eng Nep
30/08/2007 OHCHR-Nepal marks International Day of the Disappeared Eng Nep
30/08/2007 Statement by UN working group on enforced disappearances on occasion of the international day of the disappeared Eng Nep
03/08/2007 OHCHR-Nepal raises concerns about Truth and Reconciliation Commission Bill Eng Nep
Comments and recommendations on Nepal's Truth and Reconciliation Bill. Eng Nep
19/07/2007 OHCHR-Nepal seriously concerned at killing of VDC Secretary Eng Nep
05/07/2007 OHCHR-Nepal Calls for Disappearance Commission of Inquiry Which Meets International Human Rights Standards Eng Nep
02/07/2007 OHCHR concerned about killing of CPN-M cadres and other violence in the Terai. Eng Nep
23/06/2007 OHCHR-Nepal releases report on Young Communist League rights abuses Eng Nep
08/06/2007 High Commissioner for Human Rights announces appointment of Representative in Nepal Eng Nep
04/06/2007 OHCHR-Nepal welcomes Supreme Court’s ground-breaking decision on disappearances Eng Nep
25/05/2007 OHCHR-Nepal welcomes steps to criminalize disappearances and calls for further strengthening of Disappearance Bill Eng Nep
03/05/2007 Statement delivered by Lena Sundh, Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal, at a ceremony to Mark World Press Freedom Day, Organized by the Federation of Nepalese Journalists Eng Nep
30/04/2007 CPN-M failing to meet commitments to allow safe return of IDPs Eng Nep
25/04/2007 OHCHR-Nepal discusses human rights in the peace process with local leaders and authorities in Panchthar, Parsa and Kaski Eng Nep
24/04/2007 OHCHR-Nepal marks Jana Andolan achievements, challenges, one year on Eng Nep
20/04/2007 OHCHR-Nepal releases report on Gaur investigation Eng Nep
12/04/2007 OHCHR-Nepal calls on interim government to establish a commission to investigate disappearances during the conflict Eng Nep
04/04/2007 Political actors must protect children’s rights by Lena Sundh, Representative of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), and Gillian Mellsop, Unicef Representative Eng Nep
24/03/2007 OHCHR-Nepal insists on full investigation of Maina Sunuwar case following exhumation of remains Eng Nep
22/03/2007 United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Louise Arbour, calls for probe into killings in the Terai Eng Nep
21/03/2007 OHCHR-Nepal condemns killings in Rautahat, urges immediate end to violence Eng Nep
18/03/2007 Representative of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal Stresses human rights mandate Eng Nep
07/03/2007 Representative of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal, Lena Sundh addresses trafficking survivors at Shakti Samuha to mark International Women’s Day (March 8) Eng Nep
22/02/2007 High Commissioner Tables Report on the Human Rights Situation and the Activities of her Office in Nepal to the Human Rights Council. Eng Nep
17/02/2007 Representative of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Nepal Visits Birgunj to Discuss Human Rights Eng Nep
07/02/2007 The High Commissioner for Human Rights calls for an end to violence in the Terai. Eng Nep
06/02/2007 Joint PR on The right to information - a fundamental right by UNESCO office in Kathmandu and OHCHR-Nepal Eng Nep
05/02/2007 OHCHR-Nepal discusses human rights concerns in the Terai with political parties and civil society Eng Nep
04/02/2007 OHCHR – Nepal calls on security forces not to use unnecessary lethal forces Eng Nep
01/02/2007 OHCHR-Nepal calls for urgent dialogue to prevent further violence and loss of life in the Terai  Eng Nep
28/01/2007 OHCHR-Nepal calls for calm, dialogue and full respect for human rights in Terai Eng Nep
17/01/2007 OHCHR-Nepal concerned about arrest and detention of demonstrators in Kathmandu Eng Nep
12/01/2007 OHCHR- Nepal calls for support to Supreme Court Task Force to investigate Bhairabnath Battalion Disappearances Eng Nep

+ YEAR 2006

29/12/2006 Assurance from CPN(M) Eng Nep
21/12/2006 Press Release: On the release of Report on the torture and death of Maina Sunuwar Eng Nep
05/12/2006 Press Releases: Statement by Spokesperson on violent protests in Kathmandu Valley and excessive use of force by police. Eng Nep
24/11/2006 Concerns about discrimination and the Citizenship Bill Eng Nep
22/11/2006 OHCHR-Nepal welcomes the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement Eng Nep
19/11/2006 OHCHR-Nepal UNICEF-Nepal Joint Press Release: On the occasion of the 17th Anniversary of the Adoption of the Convention of the Rights of the Child Eng Nep
11/11/2006 United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights welcomes agreement. Eng Nep
01/11/2006 OHCHR-Nepal calls on CPN-Maoist to stop “law enforcement” activities Eng Nep
19/10/2006 High Commissioner tables report on Nepal at the General Assembly. Eng Nep
18/10/2006 High Commissioner for Human Rights Announces Appointment of Representative in Nepal Eng Nep
25/09/2006 Press Release: OHCHR-Nepal calls for an end to CPN-Maoist abuses, releases report. Eng Nep
15/09/2006 OHCHR-Nepal and UNICEF-Nepal Joint Press Release: UN agencies concerned that children are again used in demonstrations Eng Nep
12/09/2006 OHCHR-Nepal calls on CPN-Maoist toz fulfill commitments to stop human rights abuses Eng Nep
30/08/2006 On the Occasion of International Day of the Disappeared Eng Nep
25/08/2006 OHCHR Indigenous and Minorities team visits Nepal Eng Nep
26/05/2006 Press Statement by Ian Martin: OHCHR-Nepal report in disappearances at Maharajgunj RNA barracks, 2003-2004 Eng Nep
17/05/2006 OHCHR-Nepal conveys concerns to Home Ministry regarding use of PSA. Eng Nep
27/04/2006 OHCHR-Nepal welcomes CPN (Maoist) unilateral ceasefire as positive opportunity for human rights Eng Nep
27/04/2006 OHCHR-Nepal calls for a fully independent judicial investigation into Belbari killings Eng Nep
24/04/2006 OHCHR-Nepal renews appeal for non-violence by demonstrators and avoidance of excessive use of force by security personnel. Eng Nep
20/04/2006 United Nations Human Rights experts express grave concern about crackdown on demonstrators in Nepal. Eng Nep
17/04/2006 Ian Martin meets Home Secretary, raises serious concerns Eng Nep
13/04/2006 High Commissioner for Human Rights Shocked by Excessive Use of Force in Nepal. Eng Nep
11/04/2006 OHCHR-Nepal deplores excessive use of force, denial of the right to freedom of peaceful assembly, and arbitrary detention. Eng Nep
08/04/2006 Excessive Use of Force Eng Nep
21/03/2006 On the end to sit-in at the OHCHR/Nepal office. Eng Nep
20/03/2006 Ian Martin visits PSA detainees – Appeals to Government to restore right to liberty Eng Nep
16/03/2006 The formation of the Human Rights Council Eng Nep
16/03/2006 Sit-in by the Society of the Families of the Disappeared. Eng Nep
28/02/2006 CPN (Maoist) Bomb Attacks in Pokhara Eng Nep
18/02/2006 Death of Mr Prem Prasad Sapkota Eng Nep
15/02/2006 OHCHR-Nepal meets with Surya Nepal Abductees Eng Nep
03/02/2006 Release of Detainees Eng Nep
31/01/2006 Repeat Call to CPN(M) Eng Nep
23/01/2006 Killing of Candidate Eng Nep
19/01/2006 Arrests in Kathmandu Eng Nep
17/01/2006 Restrictions on Assembly Eng Nep
06/01/2006 High Commissioner and End of Ceasefire Eng Nep
05/01/2006 High Commissioner for Human Rights calls for state and maoists to respect international humanitarian and human rights law in Nepal's armed conflict
Eng Nep

+ YEAR 2005

28/12/2005 Assurance from CPN(M) Eng Nep
23/12/2005 Seeking Clarification from CPN(M) Eng Nep
22/12/2005 Nagarkot Killings Eng Nep
01/12/2005 High Commissioner on Peaceful Assembly Eng Nep
26/10/2005 Freedom of Expression Eng Nep
21/10/2005 Statement, General Assembly and update Eng Nep
05/10/2005 Code of Conduct Eng Nep
20/09/2005 Excessive Force by Police Eng Nep
17/08/2005 OHCHR-Nepal begins visits to army barracks  Eng Nep
10/08/2005 Kalikot Clashes and IHL Eng Nep
10/08/2005 Dhangadi Visit Eng Nep
07/06/2005 OHCHR-Nepal condemns bus attack in Chitwan Eng Nep
29/04/2005 High Commissioner Louise Arbour announces appointment of Ian Martin as Representative in Nepal Eng Nep
11/04/2005 High Commissioner for Human Rights Set to Monitor Situation in Nepal Eng Nep
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